I started this business not long after my daughter started school and began learning to read. I found it a stressful experience as she was always difficult about it.  It was especially frustrating as I knew she read well for her teachers! 

I decided to change the bedtime story routine, by changing the main character of her chosen book to her own name. I followed this with adding various friends and cousins into the story wherever possible. She was facinated to hear her name and those of her friends. Her interest in reading quickly changed and she became eager to see where her name was written (she didn’t quite understand that the text already had a name in it that wasn’t hers!). I realised if her name was actually in the book, she may show even more interest in reading.

 With her own name now in the story as the hero, she quickly wanted to know which word was her friend’s name and what the other words were. We had created a special kind of magic with reading together, about her on various adventures. Storytime quickly became more than a bedtime activity! We started reading over breakfast at first and as her skill progressed she would bring her reading book into the kitchen while I was preparing dinner and start reading to me!  The magic and imagination we had created inspired her to want to read more

Our stressful experience has now become an enjoyable one. Now it’s, ‘just one more page mummy pleeeeease’ rather than a ‘do I have to’ attitude!
It’s so nice not to dread reading with my daughter anymore. To be able to share my experience and the books that helped me change the way we approached reading together is why I started Once upon a heroes!  The added bonus is they make great keepsake gifts too. My daughter gifts them to her friends for their birthday and they all get to go on an adventure together! She stays engaged and inspires her friends too!