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Once upon a heroes
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About Us

I started this business not long after my daughter started school and began learning to read.  We found it a stressful experience as she would quickly get frustrated when she could not find the right sounds, even with encouragement and I began to wonder if I was really helping her learn to read.   I took it especially hard as I knew she read well for her teachers and did not know if it was me or the way I was helping her - I had to try something different for both our sakes! 

I decided we should pretend that each book my daughter bought home was an adventure about her, so I changed the main character's name to hers.  To get her engaged, I read the story out loud first, while she listened and studied the pictures.  Convinced I was making it up she put more focus into her reading, determined to find her name and verify the story I had just read.  It made the experience more fun and I could pretend she had caught me out when she found the name of the character, I was pretending was hers.  I even decided to do this with the bedtime story and changed the main character of her chosen book to her own name.  I followed this with adding various friends and cousins into the story wherever possible.  She was fascinated to hear her name and those of her friends, it really sparked her imagination.  Her interest in reading quickly changed and she became eager to read and be read to more.  I really wanted to reward us with the leaps we were making into her reading when I came across the books from ©My World and I.

With her own name now in a story as the hero, joined by her friends, my daughter is ready for an adventure and eager to read as much on her own as possible.  Storytime quickly became more than a bedtime activity!  We started reading over breakfast, while I was preparing dinner or doing other chores.  A quick 5 minutes here and there and playing word game flash cards also made a big difference to how we approached learning to read.  I know it has paid off because we enjoy reading together now, cherishing the time together.  Most recently my daughter has even asked to read some of the 'big' bedtime story book with a little help and is even following the words I am reading and can point out where I am on a page.  The jump she has made is so exciting, as I know it will not be long before she has the confidence to pick up a book and start reading independently for pure enjoyment.I was so impressed with the story book collection, that I have become an ambassador and distributor in the UK for ©My World and I, personalised products, which will help young children learn, explore and find fun and magic in language (books and music available in other languages),whether reading or singing. 

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Welcome to my store, Once upon a heroes, where I personalise the story with your little hero's name, their friends, home town and a significant adult (yes, you can feature in the story too!),to create a magical reading experience for them and for you.  I print the story on illustrated pages and then bind and set the book by hand, before carefully wrapping and posting it to you.  There are eight stories is the range, suiting a variety of interests, making it easy to select books for multiple children or to create a collection for that special little hero.  I personally love what great keepsakes these make, often gifting them to friends for their children's birthday.  They create great chatter between the children, it is lovely seeing them read to each other and help one another find the words they are not familiar with.  I hope you and your little hero have the same love and enjoyment from these books that we do.