• Competition Time - World Book Day 2020

    To celebrate this year's World Book Day month and promote the #ShareAStory campaign, where the aim is to SHARE A MILLION STORIES, we are running a family competition, to encourage parents and children to develop new reading behaviours and share their love of reading.

    Together with your child or children, provide a 200 word story summary on what you think our next personalied story book should be about. 

  • Young people should love to do we encourage their reading for pleasure?

    With my little girl now in year 1 and progressing with her reading level, I wanted to find out more about supporting my child to read and how we could both enjoy it more.  Figures from the paper, 'Children's Reading for Pleasure: trends and challenges , Egmont, 2019' stated the number of children reading for pleasure is in decline, with only 29% of 0-13's reading for pleasure, daily.

    'It is easy to confuse reading for pleasure with literacy in school life.  We regard it as a subject to be learnt, rather 'than a pleasure to delight in'.  Whether your child can read on their own or not, being read to is 'pivotal for the child's enthusiasm, enjoyment and independent reading'. Reading aloud to your child should not stop just because they can now read alone.

    I realised as my daughter and I had progressed through foundation and into year one at school we had almost stopped reading for pleasure!  We were also facing a battle between digital activity on the tablet and actual books!!

    The positive steps I've taken to read more regularly to my child.....

  • Inspire a passion for reading

    Engage a child's imagination and amplify a child's overall learning expereience